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Software Licensing Attorney

Software Licensing Law - Software Licensing Attorney

Software Licensing laws and regulations administered on local, federal and international levels. Software licensing is a contract of agreement between the software publisher and the end user, sometimes referred to as the End User License Agreement, or EULA. Software licensing protects the copyright by placing restrictions on the end user in relation to the product. Duplication for purposes other than backup, installation on more than one computer, editing the code, or changing the program in any way is usually forbidden. Software licenses might also restrict reverse engineering and bypassing controls intended to cut down on pirating.

Generally most Software Licensing Law matters may require an attorney. You may want to consult an attorney about Software Licensing Law to discuss the legal consequences. Lawyer Attorney specializing in Software Licensing might be able to provide assistance on Software Licensing issues such as:

  • Proprietary Software Licenses
  • Open Source Software License
  • GNU General Public Software License
  • CPL Common Public Software License
  • BSD Permissive Free Software License
  • Educational Community Software License
  • Freeware Software
  • Shareware Software

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