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Church Law

Church Relations Law - Church Lawyer Attorney

Church & Clergy laws and regulations govern local, federal and international issues affecting the operation of churches, clergy, ministers, pastors, and religious organizations and their congregations. Most Church Law matters may require an attorney. You may want to consult an attorney about Church Law to discuss the legal consequences.

Church & Clergy laws and regulations monitor the duties, rights, and liabilities of commercial businesses and private individuals. Lawyer Attorney specializing in Church & Clergy might be able to provide assistance on Church & Clergy issues such as:

  • Church Law Disputes
  • Church Premise Liability Law
  • Clergy Minister Compensation Law
  • Clergy Malpractice Law
  • Clergy Charges of Abuse
  • Organizational Constitution Disputes
  • Ecclesiastical Bylaws
  • Congregational Disputes
  • Church Property Disputes
  • Church Board of Directors
  • Church Ministry Disputes
  • Church Investment Transactions
  • Discrimination Matters
  • Pastor-Minister Compensation
  • Tax Exempt Church Status

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